Engineers to Entrepreneurs

Accelerators for Engineering-Led Companies to Boost Their Innovation

Transform Ideas into Profits

Validate ideas generated by your engineering teams to identify which have commercial quickly potential and which teams are able to deliver customer-centric solutions

Unleash Hidden Potential

Find ideas wherever they are in your organisation and give employees the ability to commercialise them

Fast-Track Success

Rapidly iterate ideas through a gated process that kills poor ideas quickly and prioritises those with potential

Turbocharge Your Innovation

Use the experience of thousands of employees who know your products and their impact intimately to create better and different solutions

Future-Proof Your Company

Use innovation to fight off me-too products from traditional competitors and challenges from fast-moving startups.

Exploration and discovery are key entrepreneurial concepts

Mindset Shifting Accelerators

Entrepreneurship is experiential. Our accelerators focus your teams on the practice of entrepreneurship, learning through doing, with mentors meeting teams where they are, to give focused, relevant and immediate support.

Our accelerators are designed around world-class mentors working with your teams. They get individualised advice so that they can move as quickly as possible.

Group sessions reinforce basic theory, with online learning videos to cover the basic principles of lean startup and the practice of entrepreneurship.

Programmes are designed to deliver ‘wow’ moments and stimulate cultural change, across the company, not just in participants.

Contact us and let’s start building something!

Actually, we’ll work really hard with your startups to stop them from building things that customers don’t want and destroying shareholder value.

The first step is understanding your challenges from a board perspective and how you see innovation fitting into your growth strategy.

Then we’ll help you design a programme that pilots, or delivers, the change that you need to create in the business to deliver the sales growth or margin improvements that you need

Read our Ultimate Guide to Running a Corporate Accelerator

Actually, it’s not the ultimate guide, it’s the ultimate skeleton. These are the bare bones.

When we work with you you get this, then the layers of sinew, muscle and skin to make it real.

Then we start it moving, then sprinting in the direction you need.

But if you haven’t run an accelerator before…

Kind words from customers

We use a data-driven approach that captures participants’ knowledge at the beginning and the end of the programme, as well as at the intermediate steps. This allows us to continually tailor what we deliver to the team and corporate needs

We took a risk when we moved our accelerator programme to Denis & Ozan from a leading global provider.

They delivered so many wow moments for the teams with their mentoring and the first cohorts exceeded all our internal KPIs by a long way.

Simon S

Director, Accelerator

If you have a basic idea, or even if you don’t just apply and trust the process. Even if you don’t really get a product idea at the end, you will have learnt something really valuable for your day to day work.

Nelson S.

Participant – Brazil

Great opportunity to receive feedback and develop your idea of impact. Truly professional and empathetic team easy to connect. The fire for your idea, chance gets totally burned to soil to be rebuilt in a Nature-based Solution balancing over time for a ‚better living‘;-).

Thank you guys for this program, your level of engagement and approach has been at a top level of program adressing all relevant current needs for a stock listed corporation and first and foremost its’ people.

Manfred T

Participant – Germany

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